At a moment in time when our nation is undergoing critical economic struggle, LIBRE’s efforts resonate with the Hispanic community that has been disproportionately affected by hardship, unemployment and poverty.

Embedded in our nation’s Founding Charters of Freedom are the natural and self-evident truth, mainly that “we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights,” that among these are “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It is a universal maxim that was expressed in writing and in deeds by individuals of deep religious faith whose shared vision established a nation of free and prosperous people.

Since then, Americans have sustained a society honoring religious and civil freedoms enshrined in the First Amendment of our nation’s constitution. But for some time now, a prevailing movement against has already persuaded our nation’s courts and institutions to restrict many of these religious and economic liberties.

Communities of faith who still retain a prominent voice in the public policy arena must recognize these freedoms are under attack in America. The contributions and sacrifices from people of faith in the formation of our nation have been many, and the role they played instituting the founding principles of freedom in our Founding Charter of Freedom are undeniable and still evident today.

There is a need for a new generation of faith leaders to raise their voice in advocacy for pro-freedom policies and reforms necessary to sustaining a free and prosperous America.

LIBRE’s Faith and Religion Engagement includes seeks to unite, clergy, churchmen and religious leaders in active prayer for their communities; provide a forum and opportunity for them to network with elected leadership in their state legislature to advocate for policies and reforms that improve our communities and sustain our freedoms; and empower the faithful with vital information on their biblical role, their constitutional rights and the principles of economic freedom that made America the most prosperous and powerful nation in history.