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Bidenomics LIBRE tour event in Los Lunas NM

Event Details

February 16, 2024

Event Description:

Bidenomics has sparked concerns about its impact on our country’s economic
future, particularly regarding inflation. The administration’s ambitious spending
plans and proposed tax increases could lead to higher prices for goods and
services, making it harder for families to make ends meet. This aligns with the
Libre Initiative’s mission to advocate for economic policies that empower
individuals and communities, as they too recognize the potential negative effects
of such policies on everyday Americans. To delve deeper into these issues, we
invite you to join us at our restaurant event, where we will discuss these talking
points and more. It’s an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about
the economic direction of our country while enjoying good food and company.
Let’s come together to explore how we can advocate for policies that promote
economic growth and prosperity for all.

Mariscos Altamar
2250 Sun Rnch Vlg Lp, Los Lunas, NM

February 16, 2024
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

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