In our home, risk-taking business owners are heroes.  Whether it's Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or their aunt Brigid who runs a successful video store/tanning salon (Hey, welcome to winter in Wisconsin).  Our kids know that business owners create jobs and provide services we all enjoy.  If we hold up hard-working entrepreneurs as role models, our kids will want to emulate them. 

As parents, we can't leave it to schools, media or culture to instill and nurture hard work and entrepreneurship in our children. But it's ultimately our job as the main influencers in our child's life.  The good news is that it's not rocket science!  These are simple, easy ideas any parent can implement. 

Five Ways to Raise a Little #MsLIBRE
Real Empowerment:  Teaching our Daughters the Value of Hard Work, Self-Reliance & Entrepreneurship

In an era of child entitlement and instant gratification, parents can bring back values that virtually guarantee your daughter access to The American Dream.  

It's often overlooked that Hispanics start businesses at three times the national average. Nonetheless, children of all races and socio-economic backgrounds are losing touch with the American values of hard work and earned success. LIBRE advocates for policies that advance economic empowerment in U.S. Hispanic communities and protect the values that promote hard work and self-reliance as the path to true independence and prosperity. 

LIBRE launched the social media campaign #MsLIBRE to celebrate Hispanic women as beautiful, entrepreneurial, self-reliant and powerful as a counter campaign to President Obama's "Life of Julia" campaign- which featured a woman dependent on the government from cradle to grave. #MsLIBRE will not stand for that- Through this social media campaign, we empower women- not trap them in dependency -and we must teach the next generation the same values!

#MsLIBRE understands the value of teaching these principles to our little ones, and with that in mind, our video segments "How to raise a little #MsLIBRE" provide parents with easy and practical advice for raising and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.  While our campaign is aimed at Hispanic girls, our message of economic liberty, self-reliance and earned success is for all kids, regardless of age and gender because the American Dream is still alive for all who work hard and dream big!