The hard choices families have to make now because of high prices

Watch the latest video at foxnews.comThroughout much of the last decade, Latinos around America were thriving. Latino homeownership was rising at record pace, as was Latino business ownership. Additionally, Latino businesses were bringing in higher revenues than non-Latino businesses, However, in the last year, inflation has caused many such gains to crumble. Not only affecting … Read More

Why student loan bailouts are bad policy, bad economics, and unfair

While about one in five Latinos have a college degree, millions followed their dreams along different paths, such as starting a business or earning a trade certification. As Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, writes in the New York Post, “It is irresponsible and disrespectful to force working-class Americans — many of whom didn’t attend … Read More

What it will take to actually transform K-12 education in New Mexico

Americans for Prosperity and The LIBRE Initiative joined forces in New Mexico to highlight the opportunity that state has to follow the example set by Arizona’s new education savings accounts for every student. Writing in the Las Cruces Sun, community engagement directors Lucas Gauthier of Americans for Prosperity-New Mexico and Jonathan Olivas of The LIBRE … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative talks solutions to inflation, counters rising cost of food by giving out gift cards in Rio Grande Valley

While Texans enjoy their ten-gallon hats, big boots, and enormous skies, the supersized prices they are paying as a result of skyrocketing inflation are not welcome. And the rising cost of food is hitting Latinos in Texas especially hard. The LIBRE Initiative Texas Coalitions Director Jorge Martinez joined a local talk radio station to highlight … Read More

How reckless government spending caused the increasing inflation hurting Latinos

Until recently, the economy was booming and Latinos were reaping the benefits. Just last year, the media was declaring, «The future of homeownership is Latino» and writing about how Latino homeownership was growing at a record pace. As of October 2021, Latino businesses were bringing in greater average annual revenue than non-Latino owned businesses. Latinos … Read More

Three interviews that explain why the Left is losing Hispanic voters

Hidden within the avalanche of bad polling news crashing down onto President Biden lately is the collapse of support from Hispanic voters. A year ago, 55% of Latinos approved of Biden’s job performance. Today that number has fallen by more than half, to 26%! Hispanic voters now give Biden the lowest marks of any demographic … Read More

Cinco métodos efectivos para controlar el aumento de la inflación

La inflación está perjudicando a la comunidad hispana, pero podemos ajustarla con estas cinco soluciones.  Read in English here Si sus niveles de estrés han crecido por el aumento de la tasa de inflación del país, no está solo. El aumento del costo de la vida está cobrando un alto precio en los bolsillos de … Read More