Education Toolkit: New Mexico

Before this pandemic, increasing education opportunities for families was a top priority. Since the spread of the virus and the ensuing lockdown, it has become vital. The unprecedented shift to e-learning has greatly challenged families’ ability to access a quality education for their children. This difficult transition in many cases limited educational options and highlights … Read More

Myths Versus Facts: Education Scholarship Accounts

Education Scholarship Accounts, or ESAs, are special accounts managed by families used exclusively for the educational benefit of their child. Through ESAs, parents can access a portion of the funding that the state had allocated for their child and use it to cover the cost of several educational expenses, including tuition at the school of … Read More

El cuidado de la salud: un plan de opciones personales

Read in English here. ¿CUÁL ES EL STATUS QUO? A los latinos les preocupa no poder pagar la atención médica. Demasiadas familias latinas están enfrentando los retos de los altos costos del cuidado de la salud, las pocas opciones y el sentirse abrumados por un sistema salud extremadamente complejo. No debería ser así. Al repensar … Read More

Health Care: A Personal Option Plan

Leer en español aquí. WHAT’S THE STATUS QUO?  Latinos are worried about not being able to afford health care. Far too many Latino families are confronting the challenges of high health care costs, few options and feeling overwhelmed by an incredibly complex health care system. It shouldn’t have to be this way. By reimagining health … Read More

Finding the best candidate for the Supreme Court

Note: this op-ed originally ran on in Spanish. By Daniel Garza One of the bedrock principles of American society is equality before the law. A person’s wealth or social status should not matter in the eyes of the government or the legal system. As Founding Father Samuel Adams wrote, “there shall be one rule of Justice for … Read More

Understanding The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act

Our legal immigration system is flawed in many ways. It has not been updated in the last 30 years, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not working in a way that reflects how we live, work, trade, and travel today. In order to modernize our immigration system in a way that strengthens both our economy and our communities, we need updates that make it fairer and more transparent.  One attempt at reforming our system is Senate Bill 386, … Read More

Don’t Cancel Americans’ Insurance Plans & Bail Out Insurance Companies!

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This Monday Congress is going to vote on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act – a bill with serious, negative consequence that would impact families across the nation. THIS LEGISLATION WOULD: Cancel insurance plans for Americans who purchased short-term renewable plans outside of Affordable Care Act exchanges by … Read More