How the PRO Act could hurt your business – and what you can do to help stop it

As Congress considers the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, or the PRO Act, businesses and independent contractors are wondering: What would this legislation mean for the way I work? The LIBRE Initiative’s Ivette Diaz, Policy Director Kevin Hernandez, and Government Affairs Legislative Liaison Josselin Castillo met last week over Facebook Live to answer that … Read More

Updating the U.S. immigration system for a new era

America was built on stories like Marge Bermann’s, whose family moved easily from one side of the U.S.-Mexico border to the other in the early and mid-1900s. The border is a different place now than it was then. It’s also a different place than it was 30 years ago, the last time Congress made substantial changes to U.S. immigration … Read More

Texans bring a unique perspective to immigration

When Jorge Martinez, coalitions director of The LIBRE Initiative-Texas, writes about immigration, it’s often personal. In a new op-ed in the Houston Chronicle, he cites all the statistics, marshals data to make his argument, and highlights public polling showing Americans support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. And he talks about Hector Molina, the guy … Read More

In Senate border hearing, LIBRE shares long-term solutions for entry and security

With attention focused on the situation at the southern border, a delegation of U.S. Senators recently visited the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Their goal was to review the situation firsthand and to hear testimony from those concerned with the current challenges. Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, spoke to the delegation, and emphasized … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative’s Personal Option Toolkit

A Personal Option for health care means greater access to better care at a price you can afford. Latinos need more personalized health care that provides the following: Good insurance at an affordable price. Access to the latest life-saving drugs at a reasonable price. To see the doctor of our choice, conveniently and affordably. To … Read More

Treating traffic violations as crimes is bad for everyone

Only 13 states treat minor traffic violations such as speeding or driving with a broken taillight as crimes rather than civil offenses, meaning they can get you served a criminal warrant and land you in jail. Nevada is one. Eddie Diaz, community engagement director for The LIBRE Initiative-Nevada, writes in the Nevada Independent why that … Read More

LIBRE & AFP Letter To New Mexico’s Governor Lujan Grisham On HB 4

Dear Governor Lujan Grisham: We are writing in support of HB 4, the New Mexico Civil Rights Act. This legislation was approved by the legislature this week and is currently awaiting your signature. On behalf of every New Mexico citizen who deserves their day in court, and every good police officer honorably serving their community, … Read More

A personal option would help more Latinos access the health care they need

What do Latinos want in their health care — another top-down, one-size-fits-all government program or a personal option that allows them to see the provider of their choice? The LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza sat down with television host and contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy last week to answer that question. The two discussed the problems with … Read More