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Employers Highlight Importance of Immigration Reform


Employers Highlight Importance of Immigration Reform
Elected Officials Need to Listen to Entrepreneurs and Help Promote Economic Growth 

(Washington, D.C.) – As President Obama reviews U.S. deportation policy for possible changes, both the high-tech and the agricultural community are stressing the importance of broad immigration reform for the health of the U.S. economy. A study by the Partnership for a New American Economy finds U.S. producers unable to compete with imports from abroad – which have grown by nearly 80 percent in recent years. By contrast, domestic production of fresh fruits and vegetables has barely grown – or has declined – due in large part to a shortage in available labor. At the same time, Standard and Poors reports that employment-based immigration reform would attract new skilled workers and entrepreneurs, driving new innovation and tax receipts – and creating jobs for native-born workers. A greater focus on highly-skilled immigrants would help grow the economy. This is one reason the nation's high-tech community increasingly stresses the importance of immigration reform.  

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

"The LIBRE Initiative fully supports market driven, employment-based reform that will facilitate the participation of immigrants in our economy. We stand with groups that seek to leverage the talents and abilities of people in order make our country stronger and more prosperous for all. We are counting on the President – who promised reform in his first year in office – to get this done. He will need to demonstrate this willingness to compromise, and that he can work with Congress to address legitimate concerns about implementation. The House of Representatives has laid out principles for reform; the President should work with Congress to identify common ground, and get the ball rolling."

Through the ESTAMOS CONTIGO (We are With You) campaign for immigration reform, The LIBRE Initiative is providing an avenue for constituents to reach out to their Senators and Representative in Congress to work together to pass immigration reform legislation that is employment-based and market-driven. Read more about LIBRE's Statement of Principles on Immigration Reform

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