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COVID-19 Digital Toolkit

Esta información esta disponible en Español. 

Use the content below to participate in our video social media challenge to tell congress to Put People Over Politics as they discuss action on COVID-19. Also, help us spread the word on the best precautions against COVID-19.

Take Action:

  1. Tell our U.S. Senators It’s time to put #PeopleOverPolitics by signing this letter.
  2. Ask 10 of your friends to also sign this letter to Senators to put people over politics.
  3. Directly call your Senator to take action!
  4. Share this Video Message from LIBRE’s President Daniel Garza to Congress.

Share Your Story

Share YOUR story: We all have been affected by this pandemic in some way or know someone who is suffering because of the strains CoVid has put on the economy, public health and the overall wellbeing of Americans. It’s your time to personally tell the Senate why you want them to put #PeopleOverPolitics and provide timely, targeted relief to those who need it most.

  • Example Instructions:
    • Grab your device that provides the best video/sound quality!
    • Center yourself in the frame & make sure the camera is eye level!
    • Do a “sound check”! Record a quick video of yourself speaking and replay it back to ensure you’re heard loud and clear!
    • In approx. 30 seconds, share why you want the Senate to put Americans first and not delay on providing relief for those affected by CoVid19.
    • Share video via your online platforms with the hashtag #PeopleOverPolitics
    • Ask your friends who #PeopleOverPolitics and challenge them to share their story!
    • Watch the message catch fire and influence sufficient aid from Washington during this crisis!

Spread the Word:

  1. Use the below sample copy to share on your social media channels!
    • Tell Congress: Provide relief that are timely, targeted and temporary! It’s time to put #peopleoverpolitics
    • This is no time for politics! Put #peopleoverpolitics and end the debate on the CARES Act.
    • Put the well-being and livelihood of Americans first and provide relief that is timely and targeted! #peopleoverpolitics
    • The time is NOW to put #peopleoverpolitics and stop playing partisan politics!
    • Americans need timely, targeted relief! Tell Congress to end the debate and put #peopleoverpolitics.
    • Here are graphics you can use for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts/stories:

Share useful links to content on precautions against COVID-19

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