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Congress Right to Reject Special Interest Appeals

Congress Right to Reject Special Interest Appeals

(Washington, DC) – Yesterday the United States Senate voted not to begin debate on legislation to fund the federal government beyond this coming Friday, September 30. Policymakers have thus far rejected appeals from special interests seeking favors, and instead have focused on passing a ‘clean’ bill that simply provides government funding at current spending levels. Possible special interest add-ons to a future spending bill include changes to rules governing the Export-Import Bank, a bailout for insurance companies that are losing money under the Affordable Care Act, and an extension of nearly $20 billion in tax provisions favored by these special interests that would otherwise expire.

Carli Dimino, Policy Director for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“As Congress considers a continuing resolution, they should continue to reject requests from special interests. The right way to pass a spending bill is through an open debate, with ample opportunity for public review and input – not with provisions added into legislation at the last minute. A ‘clean’ spending bill is in the public interest. Businesses should profit in this country the right way: by creating value for consumers, not politicians. And when Congress next debates spending legislation, policymakers should adhere to the bipartisan spending caps previously enacted into law – instead of busting the budget and putting the American people on the hook for higher spending and taxes.”

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