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Congress to Modernize Workforce Training Programs


Congress to Modernize Workforce Training Programs

(Washington, D.C.) – Congress is soon expected to vote on the "Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act," a bipartisan piece of legislation to reauthorize and update federal job training and workforce investment laws for the next 6 years. The measure is being described as an investment in America's competitiveness, and builds on the four major principles of the Skills Act, passed by the House of Representatives well over a year ago, but blocked in the Senate. It consolidates and simplifies duplicative government programs, provides greater accountability metrics, lowers administrative costs and focuses on "in-demand" job training. 

Bipartisan efforts to eliminate government redundancy and help those who are out of work acquire and develop more marketable skills are a welcome development.  With approximately 52% of adults lacking the literacy skills to succeed in higher education and job opportunities, better post-secondary training is in demand. There are currently 4 million open jobs according to recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Matching qualified individuals with proper training is critical to providing greater access to these openings. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"It is refreshing when Members of Congress put aside partisan divides and take steps – even small ones – for the good of American workers and the economy overall. Starting with action by the House of Representatives, and then through negotiation with the Senate, Members of Congress from both sides worked together to reach an agreement, and will soon take bipartisan action that will streamline government programs and help American families struggling in a weak economy.

This is just a small step. Helping workers take advantage of open positions is only part of the solution. In the weak economy of recent years, millions have fallen behind. Many proposals have been put forward to actually rein in regulation and allow entrepreneurs to create jobs. To improve our economy, Congress needs to work together on those ideas as well." 

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