The Colorado State Legislature is working to establish a public health insurance option that would drastically increase health care costs for Colorado’s Hispanic individuals and families while also placing a heavy burden on our hospitals.

The proposed bill would discourage individuals from selecting plans from private health care providers in favor of the public option. In addition to driving up premium costs and driving down innovation, this bill would:

  • Make it significantly more difficult for our Hispanic communities to access the health care they need.
  • Reduce the reimbursement and compensation hospitals receive for providing care.
  • Cause many rural hospitals to lose money, reduce services or even close, which puts our more isolated communities at higher risk of not receiving medical attention quickly.

Compared to other states, Coloradans currently face fewer regulatory restrictions to health care. Implementing a public option could change that for the worse for our Hispanic communities.

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Talking Points:

  • Colorado’s state government option would put politicians in control of our health care, increase costs for millions of Coloradans, hurt jobs and our economy, and threaten access to quality care.
  • A Colorado Public Option would give more control over your personal health care decisions to Colorado Politicians. Leaving doctors, medical professionals, and patients with fewer choices.
  • Racial and ethnic minorities in Colorado comprise one-third of the state’s total population, yet 40 percent of Colorado hospitals that could be at higher risk for closure under the state government option serve these communities.
  • 78 percent of Colorado hospitals would face cuts to reimbursements due to government rate setting under a public option, totaling up to $112 million in losses annually,” putting many hospitals at higher risk for closure – and threatening access to care Coloradans count on.

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