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California, Nation See Huge Increases in Insurance Costs

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California, Nation See Huge Increases in Insurance Costs
Health Care Law Failing to Deliver on Promises 

(Washington, D.C.)According to officials in the State of California, insurance premium increases in the first year of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, ranged from 22 percent to 88 percent. Despite this extraordinary increase – and despite the promises of the law's supporters that insurance premiums would fall dramatically, rates are expected to climb again for Californians next year, as insurers adapt to a far more costly regime. Some in California are arguing that only more layers of government regulation can control future increases. However, adding new regulations will not solve the problem, despite the promises. Nationwide, consumers have seen rates rise by an average of $6,388 per individual and $18,610 per family since 2008. 

As premiums for next year are announced, it's clear most consumers nationwide will see premiums rise again. According to press reports, they will rise by an average of 15 percent in Indiana, 12 percent in New York, 11 percent or more in Arizona, 11 percent in Iowa,  5 percent in Delaware, more than 14 percent in Florida, by double digits in Tennessee and Louisiana, and as much as 15 percent in Virginia. More and more states are likely to announce rate increases in the weeks ahead.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:  

"Where are the savings? Those who voted for this law and who continue to support it promised families an average premium reduction of $2,500 per year. Instead rates are up – and they are still rising. It's time for the defenders of this law to be held accountable. Families are hurting, and they are tired of politicians who break promises and offer nothing but useless excuses.

Real health care reform can't come through more government regulation and control. It's time to start to put consumers back in charge – to force companies to respond to their needs and concerns, instead of focusing on how to keep Washington bureaucrats happy. This system is simply costing us too much – and ultimately people will lose insurance because they can't keep up with rate increases. It is time to reform the reform."

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