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Bidenomics backlash: New Jersey’s Latino families feeling the pinch

Bidenomics backlash: New Jersey’s Latino families feeling the pinch

(Northjersey.com – Apr 4,2024) –

Latinos, whether natives or immigrants, believe in the great American promise that hard work is the path to a better life for our families. Runaway inflation makes it a lot more difficult for hardworking families to make ends meet, much less save for a better future for their children. If there’s anything left after paying higher prices for food, clothing and shelter, inflation eats away at its value.

President Joe Biden and his party are rapidly losing the support of Latinos. In 2016, Gallup polling showed that Latino adults favored Democrats by a 36-point margin. Heading into the 2024 election, that advantage is down to 12 points, the lowest level since Gallup started measuring Latino party support in 2011.

Though these numbers have confused a lot of pundits, the cause of the decline is no mystery. Biden and his party have a growing problem with Latinos because Latinos have a growing problem with their policies, especially when it comes to the economy.

A recent Latino public opinion survey by the LIBRE Institute found that most American Latinos, like most Americans in general, think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

When the pollsters asked Latinos to name the most important problem facing the country, A fifth — 20% — said “inflation.” That was followed by “the economy and jobs” at 14%.

Clearly, the way for Biden to win back Latino voters is to focus on the issues that matter most. What they want is an economy that helps them get ahead, not fall behind.

But Biden is traveling the country touting his Bidenomics agenda and painting a rosy picture of the current economy. But his rhetoric doesn’t match reality.

Here in New Jersey, where 22% of the population is Latino, the failure of Bidenomics is real. Since Biden took office, inflation has cost New Jersey residents tens of thousands of dollars. The average American household needs $11,400 more a year just to maintain the same living standards they had in 2021.

And our lawmakers aren’t helping. Biden’s rubber-stamp politicians, like Rep. Mikie Sherrill, are approving these radical spending projects and making it harder for New Jersey families and businesses to stay afloat.

Like so many of our fellow Americans, Latinos can see that reckless deficit spending has driven the inflation that wrecked our family budgets — spending made possible by lawmakers like Sherrill. As an enabler of Biden’s agenda, she has supported every one of Biden’s spending bills that have directly contributed to inflation.

Biden’s latest budget proposal includes plans to borrow $7.2 trillion, aiming to fund initiatives like student loan forgiveness and subsidies for high-cost electric vehicles, which are seen as generous to affluent families. Meanwhile, the typical Latino family’s primary concern is reducing inflation to afford daily necessities such as food and clothing and save for the future.

Bidenomics is failing America because it’s focused on using government to transfer wealth from some groups of Americans to others. Latinos don’t want a handout. They want opportunity.

Taking money out of the economy so politicians and bureaucrats can redistribute it to their friends and allies is exactly the kind of cronyism that so many Latinos thought they were escaping when they moved to the United States.

This is supposed to be the country where everyone, not just the insiders, gets a fair shot, where the government creates equal opportunities for all, not favors for some and penalties for others. Lawmakers like Rep. Thomas Kean Jr. understand that freedom creates prosperity and continues to hold Biden accountable while championing policies that allow every American an equal shot at defining their American Dream.

Bidenomics has made it harder, not easier, for everyone, to achieve their American Dream. Everyone can see that it’s not working. If the president wants to win Latino voters back, he needs to dump the redistributionist policies and give us more economic freedom.

Cesar Grajales is Public Affairs Director at LIBRE Initiative, an organization committed to empowering the Latino community. Marcela Crossman is Chairman of Jersey 1st Board, a grassroots organization serving the hardworking people of New Jersey.

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