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Biden trailing Trump among Hispanic voters: Poll

January 2, 2024

Campus Reform correspondent Pedro Rodriguez and The LIBRE Initiative Strategic Director, Monet Flores-Bacs, discuss why Trump is leading Biden in polls among young and Hispanic voters.

(FOX News) Dropping poll numbers among young and Hispanic voters are signaling more bad news for President Biden, while former President Trump appears to be gaining ground, setting the stage for a potential rematch.

“[The conservative] message is really resonating with us,” Monet Flores-Bacs, strategic director at the New Mexico-based nonprofit LIBRE Initiative, said of Hispanic voters on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, Biden’s policies for Hispanics, for most Democrats, it’s worked in the past, but we’re feeling it at the grocery store, we’re feeling it at the gas station. Even in just the last election, tax policy didn’t affect even myself and other young voters the way that they do this election, so we’re feeling it in our bank account at the grocery store. We’re going to vote based on that,” she continued.

Flores-Bacs added that the conservative message generally resonates with more traditional Hispanic families.

Some numbers support the notion, including a USA Today/Suffolk University poll from late December showing Biden trailing Trump by five points among 1,000 likely voters in the Hispanic community.

Just months ago, a Univision poll indicated Trump is gaining ground among Hispanic voters with a 4% uptick in support among the key demographic from a January 2021 Univision poll.

Pedro Rodriguez, a correspondent at Campus Reform, also chimed in on the trend on Tuesday, appearing on “Fox & Friends” with Flores-Bacs.

“The answer lies within the pocketbooks. Hispanics are entrepreneurs, and with Biden’s America right now, Hispanics are struggling to stay afloat and Hispanic small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit is dying,” he said.

“Under Biden’s leadership, leftist policies have hurt young Americans. Financial insecurity is among the highest it’s ever been with young Hispanics. And young Hispanics are going to flock behind the candidate they can support and champion working-class families, reduce inflation and pave the way for better economic and entrepreneurial opportunities here in the United States and not desecrate the American way of life.”

Flores-Bacs and Rodriguez each highlighted the need for immigration reform, a common complaint since Biden took office as migrants continue to enter the country through the southern border.

Rodriguez blasted illegal immigration as a “huge insult” to those who entered the U.S. legally while Flores-Bacs said the issue is something every candidate needs to emphasize in 2024.

“We as Hispanics want immigration reform, but we also want safety,” she said. “When my dad came to this country, he wanted opportunity. He wanted the right to start a business and have a career, have quality education. But again, being safe. So, this is a really important issue that all candidates this next election season needs to be focused on.”

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