Martin Rodriguez

Policy Analyst

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Martin Rodriguez is a Policy Analyst at the LIBRE Initiative where he focuses on energy and regulatory affairs.

Rodriguez has testified in state legislatures on energy issues and had his work published in the Washington Examiner and the Washington Times, amongst others. He is also a regular contributor to LIBRE's blog.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Rodriguez received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Journalism from Universidad Monteávila and a Masters in Political Science from Universidad Simon Bolivar. His graduate dissertation, “The Geopolitics of Oil of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela (1999-2013) and its impact on the relation with the U.S” was unanimously granted outstanding mention by the jury.

Posts by Martin

Making Cars Unaffordable Is Bad for Everyone and Good for No One

Making Cars Unaffordable Is Bad for Everyone and Good for No One

Sometimes bad policies have negligible negative impacts on the everyday life of Americans, but sometimes the harmful effects are so large and so fundamental that they are hard to overstate. The Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency Standard (CAFE) falls into that unhappy latter category for being an especially “costly, inefficient, and ineffective regulation.” In a nutshell, … Read More