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Americans Increasingly Negative About Economy, U.S. Future


Americans Increasingly Negative About Economy, U.S. Future
Proposals to Increase Taxes Could Damage Economy, Wages Badly 

(Washington, D.C.) – According to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the economy, and about the prospects for their children in the years ahead. Only 22 percent believe America is headed in the right direction, and 71 percent say the country's economic problems can be traced to Washington's failure to get things done. This negative outlook extends to the fundamental question of whether the future will be better for the next generation. Just 21 percent believe it will be – a decline of 12 points since 2007. 

Some in Washington continue to push for ever-greater tax increases and larger government programs as a way to promote the American dream. The nonpartisan Tax Foundation has reviewed several popular proposals and determined that these big-government proposals could reduce economic growth by nearly 20 percent, lower wages by more than 14 percent, and eliminate approximately 5 million jobs. These findings suggest the possible danger of additional tax increases in the future.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

"The American people are more and more frustrated with a Washington that does not listen to them. It's time to focus on economic growth, limiting spending, reducing debt and excess regulation, fixing health care, and reforming immigration. We know that elected officials can reach across the aisle and pass real bipartisan reforms – but only if they are willing to stop playing politics in order to tackle the priorities of the people. 

Washington has to change. Our elected officials – people in both parties – must work together to restore the faith and hope of their bosses, the American people. The United States can and will remain the beacon of the hope for the world – as long as we do not ignore the opinion of the people, who are signaling the importance of changing course. It's time to balance the budget, reduce regulation, expand energy production, and unleash the hard work and genius of the American people to grow our economy and build a better future."

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