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American Potential Podcast Launches Spanish Version in Partnership with The LIBRE Initiative 

American Potential Podcast Launches Spanish Version in Partnership with The LIBRE Initiative 

Arlington, VA – American Potential, the distinguished podcast awarded a Gold Award in the “Individual Episodes & Specials-News & Politics” category at the 18th Annual w3 Awards, is excited to announce the launch of its Spanish version in collaboration with The LIBRE Initiative. This innovative initiative marks the first time the acclaimed podcast will be available to a Spanish-speaking audience, broadening its reach and impact. 

Hosted by Jeff Crank, Regional Vice President of Americans for Prosperity, American Potential has been a beacon of inspiration and advocacy for freedom and opportunity. The Spanish version of the podcast will mirror the English version in content, featuring the same empowering stories and insightful discussions that have defined the original series. 

“This is a pioneering step for American Potential,” said Jeff Crank. “By introducing a Spanish version, we are breaking down language barriers and extending our reach to include Spanish-speaking audiences, sharing the same powerful messages of empowerment and community action.” 

The partnership with The LIBRE Initiative, a renowned organization dedicated to the empowerment of the U.S. Hispanic community, is pivotal in this expansion. The LIBRE Initiative’s President, Daniel Garza, shared his enthusiasm: “We are proud to partner with American Potential in this groundbreaking venture.

Making this influential podcast accessible to Spanish speakers is a significant stride towards inclusive dialogue and community engagement.” 

The launch of the Spanish version of American Potential is a testament to the podcast’s commitment to inclusivity and its mission to inspire listeners from all walks of life. Audiences can expect the same high-quality content, now accessible to a broader, Spanish-speaking audience, fostering greater community engagement and understanding. 

For more information and updates on the release of the Spanish version of American Potential, please visit www.americanpotential.com

About American Potential: American Potential is an award-winning podcast that shares inspiring stories and advocates for expanding freedom and opportunity. It is a project by Americans for Prosperity. 

About The LIBRE Initiative: The LIBRE Initiative is a national grassroots organization dedicated to empowering the Hispanic community in the United States, focusing on key issues such as education, healthcare, and economic growth.