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America Needs Leadership

America Needs Leadership

President Obama Must Work with Congress to Unleash Private Sector Growth

(Washington, D.C.) – Today marks the first business day of Congress's August recess. Last Friday, the House took several votes while the Senate had already adjourned. In the week ahead, the President is scheduled to make speeches regarding the need for economic growth. But instead of actually compromising with Republicans on a plan to accomplish that real growth, he is threatening to burden Americans with still more taxes, more spending, and more regulations. As Americans learn about the rules and regulations that the Affordable Care Act will soon impose on both individuals and small businesses, the environment for job creation is extremely weak – and getting worse.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"You might think another disappointing jobs report would compel both Republicans and Democrats to work together on a real pro-growth agenda – yet, with millions out of work, and a Hispanic unemployment rate well above the national at 9.4% – Congress is taking its August break and the President has taken to making speeches again. Meanwhile, the job market remains weak due to insecurity just before the advent of Obamacare implementation. The government could be shut down in less than two months because leadership has failed to pass the necessary budget and appropriations bills in Congress to deter that from happening. The President has not proposed a serious plan to rein in our deficit, and instead is pushing Congress to approve more borrowing, and calling for more tax increases and more spending. Regrettably, at a time when America needs leadership, this Administration has chosen gridlock and political intractability as its preferred recourse."

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