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AFP, FP, LIBRE Letter to Congress: Set Partisan Differences Aside, Provide Certainty for Dreamers

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Americans For Prosperity, Freedom Partners, and The LIBRE Initiative sent the following letter to the leadership of the the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives calling on them to put aside partisan differences and accept the reported deal of $25 billion in border security and a permanent solution for Dreamers. 

Read the letter online here or below. 

March 20, 2018
The Honorable Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Leader 
The Honorable Charles Schumer
Senate Minority Leader 
Dear Congressional Leaders:
A historic moment is upon us and we urge you to seize it.

According to news reports, during negotiations with White House officials over the upcoming “omnibus” appropriations bill, congressional Democrats offered to support a proposal that would provide both $25 billion in border security and a permanent solution for Dreamers. 
We believe this is a reasonable proposal – one that should be supported by the president and members of Congress in both parties. We encourage you to use your leadership positions to support its inclusion in the upcoming omnibus appropriations bill.
It’s now time to cast aside partisan differences and support a solution that provides certainty for Dreamers, who were brought as children to the United States and seek the opportunity to apply their skills and talents in this country.
Please don’t let this opportunity pass.
Brent Gardner
Chief Government Affairs Officer
Americans for Prosperity
Daniel Garza
The LIBRE Initiative

Nathan Nascimento
Executive Vice President
Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce
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