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A conservative Latino group urges parties to reject extreme politics. Is that possible?

February 7, 2024

Conservative Latinos at The LIBRE Initiative, a Hispanic center-right organization, are urging Democrats and Republicans to stay clear of the progressive and hard-right factions of their respective political parties in order to gain ground with Latino voters in battleground states.

“We just want to bring attention for each party not to go to the extremes, one to become too populous to the right and the other one to become too extreme with this sort of progressive agenda and big growth of government,” LIBRE President Daniel Garza said about the memorandum, first obtained by NBC News, outlining what the group consider to be challenges and opportunities for Democrats and Republicans looking to engage Latino voters in states that could help decide the presidential election, such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Wisconsin.

The memorandum mainly calls on Democrats to “pivot to the center, especially on issues related to immigration and the economy,” which are among the top 10 issues Latinos care about, according to it.

When it comes to immigration, LIBRE believes “Republicans should work with Democrats in crafting a legislative fix that not only enhances border security but also streamlines and improves legal immigration into the U.S.,” the memo reads.

Originally Posted in NBC News