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4 Reasons We All Need Free Trade

4 Reasons We All Need Free Trade

America needs free trade. Do you know why?

Here are four things you should be aware of:


  1. Free trade promotes job growth.
  1. Free trade gives American consumers more access to the best products at competitive prices.
  1. Free trade gives American businesses more access to the billions of consumers outside U.S. borders.
  1. Free trade is an important part of achieving the American dream.


There are some other narratives out there, perpetuated by those who oppose free trade, that make it sound like a bad idea. In fact, it’s false to think that tariffs, quotas and regulations that limit trade help American businesses and consumers. In reality, they tend to do the opposite.

All too often, tariffs and quotas are nothing but rewards to politically connected businesses and industries. This is why the steel and aluminum tariffs introduced by President Donald Trump’s administration, for example, are very troubling.

Special treatment through cronyism means stifled competition. And stifled competition leads to more expensive, lower-quality goods for the consumer. This chain of events disproportionately affects small businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs – many of whom are Hispanic.

The important thing to remember is that we win when we trade. And the freer the trade, the more we win.

Latinos in particular have a lot to gain from trade as consumers, workers and entrepreneurs in the United States. The American Dream is more achievable for millions when we trade. We can’t afford to be held back by tariffs and quotas.


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