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Matthew Edson Brown was born in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in neighboring Glendale, Arizona. During his childhood his father taught him how to speak Spanish. In 1995 he moved to Brazil for two years to serve a mission for his church and learned to speak Portuguese during that time. After returning from his mission he worked in the Presidential campaign for Vicente Fox Quesada as part of the movement "Amigos de Fox" or "Friends of Fox" in English. After winning the election Matthew returned to the United States where he met Gisel Medina Montero. In 2002, they moved to Veracruz, Mexico where they were married. He lived in Mexico for almost 10 years and worked on many different Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns.

He worked with the Secretary of State for the State of Veracruz as the Director of The Office of Special Projects and International Liaison.

Matthew is the Founder and Vice President of the Brown Medina Foundation in Mexico, which works with the United Nations implementing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in that Country. Two years ago Matthew and his family returned to the United States and currently live in Mesa, Arizona. Matthew was the Hispanic Campaign Coordinator for the Arizona Senate in the last elections.

Currently, Matthew is studying Political Sciences at Mesa Community College and serves as Field Director for The LIBRE Initiative in Phoenix, Arizona.

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