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Carli graduated from Boston College in 2010 with a BA in Political Science and Hispanic studies, as well as a minor in philosophy.  After college she went on to receive a Master’s degree in Spanish from Middlebury College while living in Madrid for the year.  She focused her coursework on Linguistics, History and Communications, and her graduate thesis reflected on the intersection of those three areas.

While abroad, Carli taught young students English and became very passionate about enhancing others' lives through education, particularly language education in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world. Upon returning to the United States, she further developed her passion for economic freedom and the principles of limited government as key components to society's well-being as an intern at the Cato Institute.

Carli first joined The LIBRE Initiative as a Policy Analyst, where she supported the team with research, writing, and outreach. In her current role as Policy Director, she is excited to continue to leverage her experience in policy for the benefit of the US Hispanic community and ultimately the nation as a whole.

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