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Brian Faughnan is the Communications Director of the Libre Initiative. He is a strong believer in the power of free markets to grow the economy and improve the lives of people everywhere. Throughout his career, he has focused on convincing people of the importance of reducing the size and scope of government, and implementing policies to do just that.

Brian is a veteran of Washington, D.C., with years of experience in both the government and private sector. His work in Congress includes years in the House and the Senate – notably as Legislative Director for former Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (CA), and most recently as Press Secretary for Senator Ron Johnson (WI), a member of the Senate Budget Committee. During this time Brian has worked on numerous op-eds, speeches, and press releases, as well as in the drafting of legislation. He has focused on issues such as government spending, taxation, health care, and international trade.

Brian has also been a contributor to, the blog of the Weekly Standard, and The Washington Times. He was also the Managing Editor of Liberty Central, and a regular guest on radio and television. His work has been featured in the Washington Examiner and other outlets.

Brian has previously resided in New York and Mexico City. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife and family. He enjoys reading and hiking, and volunteers in his church and community.

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