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Florida Coalitions Coordinator

Armando Arana currently serves as Florida Coalitions Coordinator for The LIBRE Initiative. He is an innovative professional who has dedicated himself to improve communities based on the values of freedom and democracy. He is proficient in public affairs strategies, advocacy, and policy-making. His experience includes working in government, with nonprofit organizations, political and issue campaigns, and as a diplomat.

Prior to joining LIBRE, Armando served as a Legislative Analyst in the City of Doral, Florida, where he assisted in formulating and developing public policy, and attended constituent services, among executive duties. Previously, he worked with nonprofit organizations where he championed fundraising and grassroots initiatives benefiting the Hispanic community and other minorities in South Florida in topics such as diversity and inclusion, fair immigration reform, development, and trade. During the 2000's he served as Consul General of Nicaragua –posted in Taiwan he advanced a historic bi-lateral Free Trade Agreement; posted in Costa Rica, as head of six Consulate offices and Vice President of the Consul Association, he managed thousands of cases. Throughout the 1990's he created youth policies in Latin America. Earlier, Armando implemented Pro Bono sports programs in Miami aiding challenged and under-privileged children.

Armando's experience in campaigns include various roles in local and presidential races in the United States and Latin America. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate diploma in International Relations. He has received distinctions that include: Special U.S. Congressional Recognition; Campaigns & Elections Magazine "International Rising Star"; National recognition from the governments of Taiwan and Costa Rica; "Armando Arana Day" awarded by Miami-Dade County Commissioners and Mayor Stephen P. Clark; Univision "Lo Mejor de lo Nuestro"; among others.

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