Data Management Assistant

Stephan serves as a Data Management Assistant at the Libre Initiative Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Prior to joining The Libre Initiative, Stephan served as a Regional Field Director for Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire. Stephan also traveled to South Carolina to assist Governor Bush’s effort on the ground for that state’s primary. Before traveling to New Hampshire, Stephan worked in his home state of New Jersey as a Campaign Manager for Assembly Republican Victory for the 2015 legislative elections. During Governor Chris Christie’s reelection campaign in 2013, Stephan worked with the Hispanic Initiatives team in Northern New Jersey on coalitions building and other projects aimed at engaging the Hispanic community. These efforts helped the Governor win 51% of the Hispanic vote.

Stephan grew up in Belleville, New Jersey and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science Concentrating in Global Studies from the University of Delaware in 2015.

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