Operations Coordinator

Caitlyn was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and attended Syracuse University, where she studied in Political Science and American History. After graduating in 3 years she began her career working in California for the Senate campaign of Carly Fiorina. She then moved on to assist legislative, county and local campaign efforts in her role as a Regional Political Director for the New Jersey Republican State Committee. In 2013 she joined the successful reelection campaign for Governor Chris Christie, and later worked on his inaugural committee. After working as a Finance Associate for Neel Kashkari’s gubernatorial campaign in California, Caitlyn was then fortunate to serve as the Director of Operations for Governor Susana Martinez’s historic reelection in the state of New Mexico.

Caitlyn is looking forward to utilizing her vast campaign experience to aid The LIBRE Initiative team’s advancement of the interests of the Hispanic community in the United States. In her spare time Caitlyn is an avid New York sports fan and pop culture aficionado.

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