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The nation’s growing debt is a growing threat to economic freedom as we know it. Households across the U.S. are running on tight budgets, while the federal government is spending more than it takes, putting the burden squarely on the shoulders of hard working Americans and future generations. Washington’s reckless spending of our tax dollars is leading our country to unsustainable levels of debt, impeding sustainable economic growth and hindering the private sector’s ability to invest, produce and create jobs. At the same time, government spending has increased as a share of the economy and private sector activity has declined in proportion. Simply put, when government spending greatly increases, economic growth noticeably declines. The federal government must make the same hard choices as many families have, to budget responsibly and reduce spending to get the nation’s economy back on track. Despite enormous government intervention, we have witnessed dismal growth. Higher borrowing, higher taxes, and increased regulation are all examples of government intervention that hinder the health of the economy and must be addressed if we are to experience real growth, real prosperity and sustainable jobs.

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