The current tax code and system of patch-work provisions have created an environment of uncertainty that is detrimental to the national economy. At more than 73,000 pages, the current federal tax code is unfair, inefficient and unnecessarily complex. Recent tax increases have only exacerbated the need for comprehensive reform to help increase U.S. competitiveness and restore growth.

While some politicians consider tax increases to be the go-to solution to increase revenue, reduce debt, and fund failing programs, such strategies actually prevent local and national economies from producing more jobs and spurring investment - thereby deepening the nation's current economic problems. The national debt and deficit problem cannot be solved through more taxes on hard working Americans. Responsible spending and budgetary policies should be implemented to curb the uncontrolled spending.

To improve economic performance, reform should include changes in corporate and individual federal taxes. The focus should be on simplifying the code to encourage business activity, produce more jobs and increase economic security.

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