What do we want? School choice! When do we want it? Now!

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What do we want? School choice! When do we want it? Now!

Imagine a world where parents can decide where their children go to school instead of a government bureaucrat. Hispanic students would be free to choose schools that have high quality education, programs that align with student's interests, and schools that would compete and improve their educational standards to attract students and funding.

LIBRE's staff and volunteers have been working hard to advance our support for school choice because we know that when families choose, kids win! In Texas our staff spoke at the National School Choice Week Rally at the state Capitol where over 2500 students, parents, teachers, and activists came together to urge for more school choice options. The rallying didn't stop in Austin! Our Colorado field team joined in the Denver Capitol rally in support of choice where hundreds of came to stand up and be counted. In Arizona, LIBRE staff, volunteers, and members of the community also showed up at the state Capitol to celebrate the positive effects that school choice has had in the life of students. Not one to be left behind, the Sunshine state is also ardently promoting school choice, our South Florida staff spoke to over 400 students and parents about the benefits of having school choice in their community.

Securing the power of choice for our community is one of our top priorities. We strongly believe that as parent's you have the right to choose what's best for your child and in turn, our future!