Obama White House - Business as Usual in this Glass House

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Obama White House - Business as Usual in this Glass House

While the President continues to remind America that he is fighting for the average American, his “pen and phone” rules apparently do not apply within the White House gates. In a recent report to Congress, the White House published its employees’ salaries, giving the country a glimpse into the compensation paid by Americans to those that work in “America’s House.” Our analysis illustrates that perhaps before criticizing and regulating, the President should try his own medicine.

Despite promises to streamline government and live within its means, the White House has done anything but. This year, the President’s residence will employ 456 individuals, making it larger than 99.3% of all American businesses. It is larger than the average White House over the last decade and spends nearly $38 million in salaries. Today’s median salary at the White House is $70,700 while the median income for American households is $53,046.

Likewise, the President’s statements on income disparity have no bearing in the White House, as female employees continue to make less than men. As reported by the Washington Post, the gender pay gap at the White House is again 12%, almost double the gap seen in DC. Income inequality is no better. The top 5% make more than the bottom 20% and the West Wing’s top third make more than half of all 2014 staff incomes combined.

It’s just another day at the White House – where you may apply, but Obama’s rules don’t.