Participate in the Estamos Contigo Picture Campaign

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The time is now to address our broken immigration system! In order to strengthen the U.S. economy we must take a market based approach to immigration reform. At The LIBRE Initiative, we support immigrants, job creators , community leaders, and all who stand for immigration reform that will lead to a more prosperous United States.

Now you can show your support for market based immigration reform from where you are! Participate in The LIBRE Initiative's Estamos Contigo picture campaign today by submitting a picture of you holding a sign that says "Estamos Contigo" and why you support immigration reform.

To submit your photo, e-mail it to [email protected] or tweet it to @LIBREInitiative. Be sure to include the hashtag #EstamosContigo in your tweet!



Show your support for immigration reform. Submit a picture for @LIBREInitiative's #EstamosContigo campaign:


Economic freedom is the key to prosperity; at LIBRE we want to empower Latinos to take charge of their future and finances!


You’re the best person to decide how to manage your money. LIBRE wants to help you break free from government dependence!